We specialise in creating fabulous cupcakes for the finest London events

both personal and corporate.


All cakes are made to order, with hand made edible designs made to your specification, whether it be photos or delicate hand made flowers.


Located near Wimbledon, we hand deliver to events

in Central and South West London, and most parts

of Surrey.




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Londons Bespoke Cake and Cupcake Company

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Cake Sizing Guide

Sponge Cakes                       Tier  Size           Average  Portions  


Square                                   6” (15cm)              12-15  

Square                                   8” (20cm)             25-30  

Square                                  10” (25cm)            40-45

Square                                  12” (30cm)            50-60

Round                                    6” (15cm)              12-15

Round                                    8” (20cm)             20-25  

Round                                   10” (25cm)            35-40  

Round                                   12” (30cm)            40-50  



Rich Fruit Size  Portions  

Square                                 6” (15cm)             20 – 25

Square                                 8” (20cm)            40-45  

Square                                 10” (25cm)           80-90  

Square                                 12” (30cm)           100-120

Round                                   6” (15cm)            20-25  

Round                                   8” (20cm)            35-40

Round                                  10” (25cm)            60-75  

Round                                  12” (30cm)            85-100  



For fruit cake portion sizes are generally 1” x2.5” to be served at a wedding.  Sponge Cake

portions are generally served double the size of fruit cake. Square cake provide more

portions per cake than round. So, a 4 tier round sponge cake of 12, 10  8 and 6 inches would feed around 120 people.   If you are having more than one tier then add together the portions for each tier.





Superhero Cake